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  The Marsden Company, Inc. is a wholesale, retail and Internet distributor of new, excess, obsolete, refurbished computer equipment and components. The  Marsden Company, Inc. acquires its inventory from manufacturers, wholesalers,  importers and retailers who have problem inventory. The Marsden Company, Inc.  pays cash for its inventory, and markets the product outside the traditional distribution channels to other equipment manufacturers, export buyers, mail  order or catalog companies, small dealers, value added resellers, corporate  accounts or through The Marsden Company web site.


Every manufacturer, importer, wholesaler and retailer has problem inventory. This inventory comes from:

   Rapid technology changes

   Last yearís models

   Excess production/purchasing

   Customer returns

   Component Shortage


This inventory cannot be sold through traditional  distribution channels, as it competes with current models, which are being sold at traditional retail pricing. The Marsden Company, Inc. provides the solution:


  The Marsden Company pays cash

  The Marsden Company markets the  product outside the vendors traditional distribution channel

  The Marsden Company helps the  manufacturer to highlight brand and advertising


The pool of problem inventory is growing at a rapid  pace. As long as retailers maintain their liberal return policies and demand the  right to return to the manufacturer, as long as manufacturers introduce newer models, and as long as consumers demand more and better products this poll of  inventory will grow.



 We have the cash. The Marsden Company is  strongly capitalized.

 We have the people. Our sales people with an  average of 10 years of experience we have among the most experienced sales staff in the industry.

 We have the customers. Having dealt  nationally and internationally we have one of the largest and most diverse  customer bases available.

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